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On this and the following pages i will tell you briefly about places i visited. It might be errors in time, cause you know how hard it is to make notes corresponding to photos. But still i'll make a try! Unfortenuately, some photos are scanned from a bad original so they dont represent me as a photographer of today. Of course there are many more photos and stories that can be told, but i have decided for now that two photos per stay is enough.

I started to make a travel diary recently, you can read and see pictures here!

First I will publish a list of the places i have visited and later there will be photos and some notes. Please remind me if I forgot some interesting place! Here we go:

Nordic Places:      
Sweden: (of course)      
Norway: Verdal Trondheim Bergen
Finland: Oulu Helsinki Wasa
Denmark: Copenhagen Helsingör Bornholm
Iceland: Keflavik Reykjavik  
Åland: Mariehamn    

European places:      
Spain: Gran Canaria Tenerife Mallorca
Germany: Bremen Lübeck  
Israel: Eilat Dead Sea  
Ireland: Limerick    
England: London    
Scotland: Glasgow Oban Inverness
France: Paris EuroDisney  
Portugal: Lissabon    
Italy: Sorrento    
Greece: Lefkas Kreta (Chania)  
Lithuania: Vilnius    

USA: (States)      
California: Laguna Beach Los Angeles San Diego
Nevada: Las Vegas    
New York: New York    
Illinois: Chicago    
Texas: Dallas Airport    
Hawaii: Oahu    
Florida: Key West    

Cayman Islands: Grand Cayman    
Jamaica: Ochos Rios    

Mexico: Cozumel     

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