www.cahling.se - BBB Translite box
Foto: Håkan Cahling

BBBfinal BBBframe BBBlowercorner BBB-translitebeta
BBB-translitebeta2 BBBtranslitecornerpaint BBB-transliteinside BBB-transliteinside2
BBBtranslitepainted BBBunpainted BBBuppercorner BBBuppercorner2


Here are some pictures from the creation of my first pinball-translite-box. The box are made from an ordinary pinball translite ordered from USA and stuff you can find at your local wooden firm.

Total cost for creating the box is about 990 SEK.

- Wood and necessary painting items: 260 SEK
- BBB Translite: 270 SEK
- Glass and plastic trims: 100 SEK
- Paint: 160 SEK (enough for at least other three transliteprojects)
- Electrical stuff and some screws was in stock, but the lighttube can be bought at "Biltema" for about 200 SEK.

Brrr... if I knew that in advance, I probably not have done this... For sale? Probably not!