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Big Bang Bar (BBB) is a pinball game made by CapCom in only 14 prototype examples before CapCom stopped with their pinball production. One game is told to have been destroyed in a fire (together with a KingPin). The owner of that games have found my site and supplied me with some details about it, he has also been kind enough to let me tell you visitors about that.

Read the story told by the former owner here

Recently the Illinois Pin Ball Co. owner Gene Cunningham unveiled his plans to make a production run of 111 Big Bang Bar games. Read more about this at pinballnews.com There is a forum for all of the people actually ordered this great game, but i´m unfortenuately not allowed to link to it here so you need to google for it!

Here are some information on the Internet Pinball DataBase about BBB: BBB@IPDB

Play BBB at your PC! Go to VPForums and download the pinball simulator for this game!

Are you an owner of this faboulos game? I will build an owners list on this site in short! Please mail me your name, city, country and some information about the game and I will submit a list on this site soon!

Here are some pictures from one of the games being shopped. This site also have pictures from a shopping of a KingPin game. SS Billiards

Have you got good pictures of your game? Mail them to me and I will publish them amongst other owners pictures.